A dentist’s instruments and equipment changes from office to office and state to state. But one thing that remains a constant, regardless of the kind of equipment, is the need to be in complete compliance.


Dental Database Overview

The oneSOURCE Dental Database has every document you need in one convenient place, making any OSHA standards issues a thing of the past.

Your dental facility needs easy access to the reprocessing documentation from manufacturers for the variety of dental and surgical instruments you use. In fact, OSHA Hazard Communication Standards require that dental facilities retain copies of the newly formatted and updated Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) from the manufacturer as they become available.

The oneSOURCE Dental Database is the industry’s most comprehensive source of dental instrument, consumables and equipment IFUs as well as SDS/MSDS documents. Our Dental Database team continually updates this information so your dental techs have 24/7 access to the latest technical guidance to help protect your patients and maintain regulatory compliance.

The Dental Database includes:

  • OSHA-required SDS/MSDS sheets
  • Dental instrument IFUs
  • Dental equipment IFUs
  • Dental consumables IFUs


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